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The Latest from Congress

Welcome Remarks & Keynote Presentations

Tax Extenders and What’s Next from Congress
Panelists will reflect on recent energy tax legislation in Congress and debate the elements of possible new proposals.

  • Implications of the extenders package, if any, including assessment of key provisions, issues for guidance and important remaining tax agenda items
  • What’s next: Discussion of technology-neutral approaches; merits (or not) of greater parity among sectors; and options for storage and offshore wind

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Networking Break

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The Role of Climate

How Climate Politics Are Shaping the 2020 Election
With a major election looming, party sentiments are evolving on climate and carbon policy. Pundits will reflect on the prominence of climate in the campaigns and debate how climate may shape election results at the federal and state levels.

National Polling Trends on Climate
This brief presentation will offer context on recent national polling that suggests shifting public attitudes on climate change.

The Impact of Climate Policy on Renewable Growth
Climate concerns are an increasingly significant driver for pro-growth policies in the renewable sector. Panelists will discuss the menu of climate policy options available and how they could affect renewable growth and investment, considering:

  • How much we must accelerate renewable sector growth to meet the climate imperative
  • The strengths and weaknesses of leading climate policy options, both separately and in combination
  • The political viability of various proposals

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1:30 PM

Clean Energy Standards

Pathways to 100%: Opportunities and Implications of Clean Energy Standards
The recent surge of state 100% commitments has elevated the role of states in driving sector expansion. Meanwhile, Congressional proposals for federal RES and CES legislation are gaining traction. Panelists will assess methods of compliance, implications for electricity markets, and prospects for additional state and federal policies.

  • How to turn goals into action: procurement needs, grid requirements and other opportunities and challenges
  • Design considerations of federal RES/CES legislation and how the Federal government can help enable achievement of state targets
  • Sector investment: is adequate capital available to achieve 100%?

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Networking Break

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Power Markets and Transmission

Growing Renewables Through Market Reforms and Transmission Expansion
Panelists will reflect on how recent and expected actions from FERC and the wholesale markets may impact renewables, energy storage and transmission, and suggest mechanisms to remove market barriers.

  • Post-FERC Order No. 841: How can we expand market access for hybrid projects and greater storage participation?
  • Expanded transmission access: Transmission planning reforms and policy levers on the horizon?
  • Dynamic regional markets: What roles can energy imbalance markets and capacity markets play in the grid of tomorrow?
  • Other FERC issues: With MOPRs, resilience dockets and more, how do we ensure markets don’t slide backward while we try to reach clean energy imperatives?

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